Monday, August 10, 2015

Bear D.

 This is coolbert:

Yet more from MARCO POLO through Harry. Indeed, more troubling items. Deja vu from the era of the Cold War all over again. The Russian returns to the South Atlantic.

"According to the report from Russia, the Russian military delegation, let by the Russian Navy's C-in-C Admiral Viktor Chirkov visited the Republic of Equatorial Guinea from July 19 to 22 [2015]. A military and naval cooperation agreement was signed by both countries, which facilitates, among others, visits by Russian naval vessels to the African country's ports."

"Following this, the Russian naval squadron, consisting of the missile cruiser Moskva, flagship of the Black Sea Fleet, the destroyer Pytlivy, the fleet tanker Ivan Bubnov and the ocean rescue tug Shakhtyor, visited the port of Malabo in Equatorial Guinea. They visited the port of Luanda in Angola as well."

TOP SECRET [as of April 1977]. Declassified since that time.


With particular attention to item # 36:

36. "Equatorial Guinea. Air facilities in Equatorial Guinea, both on the mainland near Bata and on the Francisco Macie island (Fernando Po) are currently inadequate for Bear Ds. Runways are under 2,240 meters, and no new construction has been detected. Although Equatorial Guinea is poor and gets considerable aid from Communist countries, its erratic president has been so suspicious of the Soviets that he would be unlikely to grant staging rights for Bear Ds. Even if he did, he might withdraw permission for the most capricious of reasons."

Nations of Africa bordering on the Atlantic and South Atlantic for a time quite friendly with the old Soviet Union. Cape Verde Islands, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Angola.

That airfield at Conakry in Guinea for a number of years as used by the  Soviet Tu-95 BEAR-D naval aviation for reconnaissance of the Atlantic Ocean.

Old time friendships once again being resumed with an intention of creating conditions conducive to Russian military involvement? Equatorial Guinea [EQ] for whatever reason or combination of reasons now seen as the ally of choice? Read further about the nation [EQ] and the leader of same and draw the conclusions for yourself.


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Steiner said...

The Tu-95 is nothing but a glorified target drone, it was a rattletrap when it rolled off the production line forty or fifty years ago and today it is a threat only to its crews.

NATO should equip a drone to spray-paint insulting graffiti on the wings of a Bear when flying one of its vainglorious missions.