Sunday, August 23, 2015

Red Flag NV.

This is coolbert:

Also from DEBKAfile and the same headline as was the topic of a previous blog entry further indication of increased cooperation between Israel and an Arab nation. Israeli and Jordanian warplanes apparently crossing the Atlantic together en route to Nevada, USA. DACT Red Flag exercises.

"Israel's first ever arms deal with an Arab country drones for Jordan to fight ISIS"

15 August.

"This week, Israeli Air Force KC-707 fuel tankers were sighted over the Atlantic refueling a group of five Royal Jordanian Air Force F-16s flying alongside Israeli aircraft. Both air force groups were heading west to take part in the Red Flag air-to-air training exercise in Nevada from Aug. 17 to 28."

Such cooperation unprecedented. That threat of ISIL too great to be ignored. The regional danger possibly causing catastrophic consequences that cannot be predicted.


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