Monday, August 17, 2015


This is coolbert:

More items concerning the alleged use of mustard agent by combatants of the Islamic State.

1. "US reportedly sees possible pattern in ISIS chemical weapons attacks"

"U.S. intelligence agencies reportedly believe the Islamic State used chemical weapons in Syria on Kurdish forces at least two weeks before the group may have used it in Iraq, U.S. officials said on Friday."

"The reports are fueling concerns that ISIS has acquired an arsenal of banned chemicals that could escalate fighting in the region."

. . .

"Officials told the journal the agencies confirmed through tests that mustard gas was used in northern Syria in July, making it the first known attack by ISIS using banned weapons."

2. Precursors! Previous instances of suspected chemical agent attack by ISIL involved precursor chemicals. Toxic chemical agents as used in the manufacture of mustard agent but not possessing the same lethality of mustard!

"The Pentagon has confirmed that samples taken in northern Iraq provide evidence that the Islamic State is using mustard gas in its attacks on the Kurds. Chemical agents used earlier in Syria by ISIS seemed to be precursors of mustard gas, and not the final product."

Mustard agent as reported used on several occasions now. Syria and Iraq both. Kurds the recipients. First evidently precursor chemicals toxic of themselves but NOT mustard agent, NOW mustard agent as accepted by definition.


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