Sunday, August 30, 2015


This is coolbert:

From the Internet web site of Archbishop Cranmer:

"The apocalypse of Islam and the signs of the times"

"The Temple of Baalshamin predated Mohammad by six centuries. It was a cultural jewel in the Syrian desert, revealing to the world a glimpse of the pre-Islamic religions of the region; bearing witness to Graeco-Roman myths and standing as a monument to rites and rituals long extinguished by higher powers. It is now a pile of rubble; blown to pieces by ISIS . . . Everything before Mohammad must go: it is year zero; the past is darkness and death."

When I first looked at this image I thought it had been edited by Photoshop or some such freeware. The mushroom cloud of an atomic detonation superimposed on another image of Biblical time ruins in the desert. That is however the actual demolition of the ancient temple by conventional high explosive, that destruction by ISIL in keeping with the tradition of  jahhaliya. All that existed prior to the time of Mohammad ignorance, an impediment to the moral perfection of humanity. Quantities of explosive required for such a demolition mission quite large, ISIL expending munitions in a typical ruthless manner!

That temple of Baalshamin might have been thought as the pyramids to be around for all eternity but NO!

Year ZERO indeed and the future appears to be quite grim!! The ways of the ancient gods were capricious and cruel. ISIL in the same manner too!


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