Saturday, August 8, 2015


This is coolbert:

From MARCO POLO through Harry:

"According to news just received from Russia, three of the newest American Virginia-class submarines, namely Minnesota, North Dakota and John Warner (just commissioned last week) have been inactivated indefinitely due to sloppy works on their steam pipes."

Sloppy work!! Steam pipes too possibly associated with the nuclear reactor and propulsion.

This sort of thing can not and should not ever occur and for a period of over FIFTY YEARS has been the subject of SUBSAFE.

The USS Thresher having gone to the bottom and thought to have done so as the result of a bad silver -soldered pipe joint. That joint having salt-water under pressure piped through it, failing and flooding a compartment with water, the submarine unable to recover from a cascading series of events.

The U.S. Navy in the aftermath of Thresher having instituted SUBSAFE. That quality assurance program designed to prevent further accidents of a catastrophic nature.

"SUBSAFE Program: The Legacy of USS THRESHER"

"The loss of THRESHER was the genesis of the SUBSAFE Program.  In June 1963, in the aftermath of the loss of Thresher while investigations, design reviews and testimony to congress were in progress the SUBSAFE Program was created."

All American submarines as subjected to the SUBSAFE program having an enviable and almost total perfect safety record. The modern nuclear submarine understand perhaps the most complicated thing made by man and operating at depths, speeds and for duration far exceeding the standards of World War Two submarines.


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