Saturday, August 15, 2015

BUFF B-52.

This is coolbert:

BUFF = Big Ugly Fat Fellow. A B-52 bomber.

From a previous blog entry and as was mentioned in the Daily Mail article:

"The airport at Darwin is one of only a few in the Asia-Pacific region with a runway long enough to accommodate the massive bombers."

Also a comment and observation from an acknowledged aviation authority:

"Au contraire!  Virtually any runway handling heavy body passenger jets like 747s, 787s and the like can handle BUFFs.  That means any country taking those airliners can also land BUFFs.  Not to mention [from the era of the Vietnam War] U-Tapao in Thailand, Don Muang Airport in Bangkok, the bases in the Philippines, Okinawa and Guam, and more." 

My understanding regarding the B-52 bomber is that the greatest difficulty with the BUFF ever to be encountered is the hard-stand when parking the aircraft. Must be of a sufficient thickness of reinforced concrete constructed to exacting specifications. Most hard-stands are not thick enough or well built enough to allow a BUFF to be parked for an extended period. The weight of the BUFF is too much for anything other than a quick re-fueling and back to flight again.


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