Sunday, August 9, 2015


This is coolbert:

As was reported this being a minor news item but NOW from DEBKAfile some "questions" have been raised.

"Questions about plane crash that killed Bin Laden's relatives"

 1 August.

"The Saudi ambassador to the UK confirmed that members of the late Osama bin Laden's stepmother Rajaa Hashim, his sister, Sana Bin Laden, his brother-in law, Zuhair Hashim and the pilot Mazen Al Doaja, were killed Friday when their private Beechcraft twin-engine jet flying in from Milan crashed into a car park in southern England. Aviation experts are baffled by the pilot's actions in climbing 500 feet as the plane came into land, then diving at high speed to plummet into a car park, instead of landing on the Backbushe airport tarmac in Hampshire."

You the devoted reader to the blog have to take it from there. DEBKAfile as has been noted by the blogger Spengler said to be unreliable under all circumstances. I am not so sure!


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Steiner said...

How about the question of what any bin Ladens were doing anywhere near a Western country? No one seems to be asking that, the most obvious question.