Wednesday, August 12, 2015


This is coolbert:

Comrade Kim of North Korea has been rather quiet for a while. Perhaps he is still consolidating or thwarting his hold on power? This event of cross-border raid rather rare? I am not sure.

"S. Korea ramps up border security after landmine attack"

"South Korea ramped up border security Tuesday as military tensions flared following landmine blasts blamed on North Korea, and the presidential office in Seoul demanded a formal apology."

"South Korea says North Korean soldiers sneaked across the border and laid the mines, three of which were tripped by members of a South Korean border patrol on Tuesday last week."

"One soldier underwent a double leg amputation while another had one leg removed."

NEVER can you tell with certainty the intentions of the North Korean. The Korean peninsula for a period of over sixty years now still in a state of armistice, a truce, a cessation of hostilities but still on a war-footing. That is a considerable prolonged period without amelioration or SOME SORT of resolution as agreed upon by amicable agreement. AND now this!


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