Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Skynet AI.

This is coolbert:

Also thanks to John Howell we have the topic that is the stuff of Skynet and "The Rise of the Machines" nightmare scenario! The replicating robot. Perhaps even a killer machine that can wage war and when becoming sentient will do so having the human species as the enemy!

"Scientists make a robot that can have babies"

"Everyone who thinks robots are going to take over the world might be getting a lot more frightened: Scientists have created a machine that's able to have babies. Sort of."

"In an experiment designed to show how robots can learn and evolve, researchers in Cambridge and Zurich programmed a robot arm—or 'mother'—with an algorithm to create a device made out of blocks containing motors—its 'child'".

NOT exactly self-replicating. NOT a robotic arm making other robotic arms. A robot MAKING OTHER ROBOTS HOWEVER!

"Rise of the machines" as seen in previous blog entries:

BE AFRAID! BE VERY AFRAID! But not exactly so much for NOW!


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