Tuesday, August 18, 2015


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Devoted readers to the blog will want to read this long article as seen at Ynet. That analysis of Hezbollah from the Israeli perspective.

Hezbollah in the opinion of some the BEST light infantry in the world.

"Hezbollah 3.0: How Israel's No. 1 enemy is preparing for the next Lebanon war"

"While Israeli intelligence officials believe the Shiite organization is experiencing the most difficult phase in its history after losing some 1,300 fighters in the Syrian battlefields, its leader Nasrallah is only intensifying preparations for the next conflict with Israel."

Israeli concerns that the Druze as dwelling on or near the Golan area adjacent to Israel proper will be incorporated into Hezbollah fighting units.

Hezbollah their intentions including tunnel warfare and the use of infiltrating unconventional warfare fighting teams in case of renewed fighting with Israel. INVASION OF ISRAELI TERRITORY PROPER A MAJOR GOAL OF HEZBOLLAH.

 "Hezbollah's goal is a ground invasion [of Israel proper], which could be made up of a number of elements: Using the underground and above ground area near the border's wadis; and an entry of many commando and antitank teams deep into the Upper and Western Galilee in order to survive as long as possible."

"The fighting teams will use explosive devices and antitank missiles like the Kornet, which reaches an efficient rage of five kilometers during the day and three kilometers at night. Through these ranges, they will be able to hit vehicles on the Lower Galilee's roads from the high mountains of the Upper Galilee, not to mention the Acre-Safed road, the roads going up the Galilee panhandle, etc."

"The topographic structure, the plants and rocks of the Galilee are very similar to what they are used to in Lebanon. At the same time, it's the exact same fighting they are now acquiring huge experience in through their battles in Syria, much more experience than most of the IDF's commanders and fighters have."

Hezbollah BEST light infantry in the world? Able to function as a conventional military force but so much more.


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