Monday, August 5, 2019


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Yemen! Technology! Mercenaries! Al Qaeda!

As from Iranian PressTV and thanks to same:

"Yemeni armed forces unveil new generation of domestically-built Borkan missiles"

"Yemeni Armed Forces have unveiled a new generation of domestically-built Borkan (Volcano) long-range missiles, which could act as a game changer in the face of the Saudi-led military aggression against the Arab country."

Three items to take from this PressTV article:

1. Borkan-3 an Iranian version of an improved SCUD ballistic missile as being fire by Yemeni [?] forces against Saudi Arabian targets. Domestically built as in Yemeni more correctly stated as Iranian built in Yemen? Operated by Hezbollah and Iranian troops perhaps also.

2. Security Belt mercenaries from a variety of countries their numbers aided and abetted by large numbers of locals [Yemeni] presumably well paid for their efforts. Read further [with many additional links] concerning Security Belt  mercenaries.

Mercenaries from nations to include: "Australia, South Africa, Colombia, El Salvador, Chile and Panama"

3. Saudi Arabia in league with Al Qaeda? AQAP Sunni-oriented and in opposition to the Shia brand of Islam. The enemy of my enemy is my friend? And USA indirectly involved with AQAP as a consequence? War can make for strange and unexpected allies.

Yemen the civil war now characterized by the large-scale involvement of foreign interventionists. So much so the role of the foreign interventionists and the goals of same seemingly now more important that the domestic affairs of the Yemeni themselves.


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