Saturday, August 10, 2019


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“'As a result of the accident at the military firing range in Arkhangelsk region during liquid reactive propulsion system tests, five employees of the state corporation Rosatom were killed,' the company said. Three military and civilian specialists remain in serious condition, but their injuries are 'not life-threatening.'”

From the Russian Internet outlet RT [Russian Times] we have a more definitive and accurate account of the missile disaster with apparent release of atomic radiation worrisome.

Rosatom again! 

"Experimental ‘isotope & liquid-propellant’ engine blast kills 5 Russian nuclear experts – Rosatom"

"Five staff of Russia’s nuclear corporation Rosatom were killed and three suffered serious burns in the blast during a test of a liquid-propellant engine that resulted in a brief spike of radiation around the military testing site."

"The Rosatom engineering and technical team was working on the 'isotope power source' for a propulsion system on Thursday, when the accident happened. The blast caused a background radiation spike, which quickly returned back to normal."

A liquid-fueled missile with some sort of  atomic "boost"? Never heard of such a thing.

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