Friday, August 16, 2019

George V.

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"In late March 1945, King George V and Howe [battleships] were sent to the Pacific with other Royal Navy vessels as a separate group to function with the U.S. Navy's Task Force 57. On 4 May 1945, King George V and Howe led a forty-five-minute bombardment of Japanese air facilities in the Ryukyu Islands. King George V fired her guns in anger for the last time in a night bombardment of Hamamatsu on 29 July and 30 July 1945. Duke of York and Anson were also dispatched to the Pacific, but arrived too late to participate in hostilities."

Thanks here to the outstanding Internet web site for the idea.

Yet one more instance of British contribution to the war in the Pacific during the Second World War.

Naval gunfire, Japanese targets ashore.Think British contribution as outside of Malaya and the China-Burma-India [CBI] area of operations. DIRECT STRIKE AGAINST THE JAPANESE HOME ISLANDS!

See the wiki entry, the naval gunfire shore bombardment of the Japanese home islands at the most latter stages of World War Two.

"During the last weeks of World War II, warships of the United States Navy, the Royal Navy and the Royal New Zealand Navy bombarded industrial and military facilities in Japan."

95 % of all military worthy targets in Japan within naval gunfire range of battleships cruising close to shore.

See prior blog entry the topic British involvement in the Pacific theater, the Japanese home islands the target:


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