Friday, June 27, 2014

Air Assault.

This is coolbert:

Sounds like something out of the Vietnam War, Ia Drang Valley, First Air Cavalry.

"Iraqi troops air assault into Tikrit"

Recognize instantly Tikrit as the ancestral home of the late Saddam Hussein. A Sunni stronghold.

"Yesterday the Iraqi military launched an air assault into the insurgent-held town of Tikrit. At least three helicopters landed at a stadium in Tikrit University, which is about six miles north of the city.
According to Reuters, 'the helicopters were shot at as they flew low over the city and landed in a stadium at the city's university.' One of the helicopters was said to have been shot down."

"'One helicopter crash-landed in the stadium. Another left after dropping off troops and a third remained on the ground. Army snipers were positioning themselves on tall buildings in the university complex,' the news agency reported."


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