Monday, June 16, 2014

Edward Gibbon.

This is coolbert:


1. Expect oil prices and prices also at the pump to increase because of the chaos and insurrection in Iraq? Those sanctions in place against Iran for some time and a potentiality of a shortage or shortfall of crude from Iraq exacerbating an already tight market.

As we speak and as of the exact moment of this post the gas price at the pump in my location is $4.05 USD. Highest price in the nation [U.S.] because of excessive local taxation.

And in the weeks to come that price will do what exactly? Let us observe and report.

2. Michael Wood the English documentary film maker, world traveler and advocate of all things Indian repeats the amazing assertion of the famous English historian Gibbon :

"the second century AD [100 A.D. - 200 A.D.] was the time when 'the condition of the human race was most happy and prosperous'."

Gibbon speaking specifically of the Roman Empire during the rule of the Antonine Emperors.

But also the same can be said of those populations of Han China, Kushan India and Parthian Persia during that same time period?

Governance generally benevolent and not oppressive, wars of a limited and less destructive nature, no famine or pestilence on a widespread basis, international trade [the Silk Road] benefiting everyone the norm, no natural disasters of Biblical proportions disruptive to large portions of the globe. Etc.

Devoted readers to the blog can think of a time when the "the condition of the human race" WAS MORE happy and prosperous?


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