Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Israel Atomic

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Neither confirm or deny!

Opacity with ambiguity!

The Israeli nuclear potentiality!

Here begins a series of blog entries based on extracts with commentary from the most recent book:
"MY PROMISED LAND"  by the Israeli author ARI SHAVIT/

In particular of greatest interest  Chapter 7 "THE PROJECT, 1967."

"At the core of 'The Project' is a unique encounter I [Shavit] had in 2009 with Yosef Tulipmen [The Engineer and now deceased], who was the director general of the Dimona nuclear reactor in the critical years 1965-1973."

"ARI SHAVIT is a leading Israeli journalist, a columnist for Haaretz, and commentator in Israeli public television."

Shavit clear that everything as contained in chapter 7 CLEARED IN ADVANCE WITH ISRAELI MILITARY CENSORS. That term "opacity with ambiguity" associated with all Israeli nuclear matters!

Devoted readers to the blog and those visitors merely perusing on a one-time-basis might well avail themselves of prior entries, that topic Israel AND THE BOMB! Meaning the atomic bomb.

1. Israeli Atomics I.     Oppenheimer.

2. Israeli Atomics II.    Hersh and Hambleton.

3. Israeli Atomics III.   Vela.

4. Israeli Atomics IV.    Ze'evi.

5. Israeli Atomics V.     Vanunu.

6. Israeli Atomics VI.    Yaacov.

7. Israeli Atomics VII.    Dolphins.

8. Israeli Atomics VIII.   Conclusion.

Acknowledge that the conversation with The Engineer [a degree in chemistry] did not disclose any earth-shaking matters of significance NOR were their revelations not previously known or surmised with a pretty good degree of certainty.

Opacity with ambiguity maintained 100 %!


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