Tuesday, June 17, 2014


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From Jungle Trader the tip, a topic that is germane to a most recent blog entry:


Voice of America:

"U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman said wildlife poaching is funding terrorism and corruption."

"For that reason, Froman said, the U.S. considers poaching a threat to global security because it's driven by criminal elements, including terrorists using profits from items such as rhinoceros horns and elephant tusks to finance their activities."

Yemen [the ancestral home of the late Osama bin Laden] the horn of the rhinoceros used as the decorative handle for the obligatory jambiya dagger. NO self-respecting Yemeni male leaving home unless carrying a jambiya.

Blood diamonds, the RUF of Sierra Leone, the harvesting, illegal of elephant tusks and the decimation of the last large herds in Africa for the Asian market. Etc.

Terrorists not preferring transactions in the legal tender, commodities valuable and easy to smuggle preferred. Antiquities as stolen and sold in the international underground market by ISIL apparently now a hot item!

That paper trail of monetary transactions if sparse or non-existent. Analysts unable to follow the flow of funding for terrorist organizations.


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