Thursday, June 12, 2014

Israel Atomic IV.

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The French!

Continuing with the series of blog entries, the topic of which the Israeli atomic bomb project.

Extracts and commentary from the Ari Shavit book: "My Promised Land", Chapter 7, "The Project".

That Israeli atomic bomb project began in earnest with negotiations, most favorable, between the Israeli and French to purchase the TOTAL PACKAGE what it is called.

The nuclear reactor and in secret a facility for processing plutonium AND an agreement for the French Dassault aviation manufacture to develop a short-range [500 kilometer] ballistic missile strictly [?] for Israeli use.

"In September 1956, an initial understanding was agreed upon for the construction of a small EL-3 reactor. On October 3, 1957, the dramatic agreement for the construction of a large G1 reactor and a secret plutonium separation plant was signed . . . In April 1963, an agreement was signed with the French armament manufacturer Dassault for the purchase of MD-620 missiles. In April 1963, the Dimona reactor went critical. In 1964, the underground  plutonium separation plant was completed. At the end of 1965, plutonium was produced. In March 1965, the Jericho missile system was tested. By 1967, Israel had reached the capability to assemble its first nuclear device."

This agreement between the French and Israeli having been negotiated and agreed upon in 1956, at a time WHEN EVEN THE FRENCH THEMSELVES DID POSSESS AN ATOMIC CAPABILITY.

Nations one and all possessing a nuclear reactor having an ability to process and extract fissionable plutonium, bomb-making material, this widely acknowledged as not only as possible but as a certainty.

Testing of an atomic munition not even needed, so well understood is the physics of the matter!!

Jericho the Israeli short-range ballistic missile carrying a nuclear payload that name Jericho evocative of the ancient city from Biblical times when under siege by the Hebrew tribes "the walls came tumbling down"!

And so too the entire Middle East if necessary is the message being sent!!


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