Friday, June 6, 2014


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Here thanks to Freeper some items with a military dimension that require clarification.

1. "The Last Soldier Executed for Desertion".

The execution of Eddie Slovik. Eddie that LAST AMERICAN SOLDIER EXECUTED FOR DESERTION.

"World War II veteran Nick Gozik says that the bravest soldier he encountered during two years of combat was the one he saw executed for desertion. That soldier proved to be the only one of more than 20,000 convicted deserters during that war to suffer the death penalty"

Of the 20,000 or so American military personnel found guilty of desertion during the Second World War [WW2], ONLY Slovik executed.

For clarification purposes:

* Slovik and forty-eight other American military men found guilty of desertion in the face of the enemy. That crime in-the-face-of-the-enemy considered to be a much more egregious offense.

* Slovik and the forty-eight other Americans offered a reprieve. Return to your unit and participate in combat and your record will be expunged, NO EXECUTION. Each and every man with the exception of Slovik availing themselves of the offer.

* Slovik too considered as an incorrigible. Having a prior civilian prison record for minor theft.

2. "VA head says 18 veterans left off wait list have died (Phoenix, Arizona) "

"PHOENIX — In a new revelation in the growing Veterans Affairs’ scandal, the organization’s acting head says that an additional 18 veterans whose names were kept off an official electronic VA appointment list have died."

Again, for clarification purposes:

* These persons gravely ill and were terminally so. There was no remedy for their condition. It is not like the veterans were being denied care that might have saved their lives.

* These persons on a waiting list for what is better termed end-of-life care or hospice treatment. A bed at a VA hospice not being available the use of a civilian facility as an option. Send the VA the bill!!


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