Monday, June 16, 2014


This is coolbert:

"Escaping Iraq: US Contractors Engaging in Gun Battles"

“Contractor evacuations began Wednesday, if not earlier, said Ginger Cruz, CEO of Mantid International LLC, a consulting firm that works with numerous companies in Iraq…

“'On Thursday, the electronics giant Siemens was working to get about 50 employees out of Baiji,' Cruz said. It was not clear exactly what their operation there entails, but the company announced in February that it had signed a deal to provide service and maintenance to a large gas power plant there. The oil refinery city is some 130 miles north of Baghdad."

If you are an American civilian contractor working in Iraq, you had better get your hands on a firearm and quick. And if you don't know to use, learn quickly also.

A fighting retreat to who knows where may be your last resort.


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