Saturday, June 21, 2014

Canned Goods.

This is coolbert:

Since the Iraq crisis has begun and combined with the precipitous and unexpected advance of ISIL all things Ukraine have been placed on the back burner. UNTIL NOW!

Within the context of a very recent blog entry, consider:

"UKRAINE: Russia is getting ready to repeat Gleiwitz incident"

Gleititz German false flag operation used as justification of the invasion of Poland, 1939.

"Heightened rhetoric by RF (Russian Federation) representatives about “allegedly repeated” invasions of Ukrainian armed forces reminded similar tactics of Nazi Germany that started World War II."

"Declarations of the last days about violations of the airspace, arrival of the 2 APCs and shelling Russian territory from Ukrainian side – not only unjustified but, frankly speaking, – completely false. Let’s go back in history and we will see that they are repeating the same methods and provocations that are harbingers of great wars and tragedies. For the information: Gleiwitz incident (or Gleiwitz provocation) – operation with code name “Operation Canned Goods” , 'konservy', operation lead by SS in Gleiwitz city (now Gliwice). Served as one of the reasons for attack of Germany to Poland at the 1st of September 1939, and started the WWII"

If you are able to rent the movie "Der Fall Gleiwitz" please do so. I recommend highly. Historical context essential to a proper understanding of current events.



Dan Kurt said...

re: "Gleiwitz incident"

Circa thirty years ago I had an acquantience who had been a sailor in Hitler's navy. He never expected to survive the war but did and eventually immigrated into the USA raising a family here. He taught at our local high-school where my son later was a student.

He was convinced that the Gleiwitz incident was Allied propaganda. He was no Nazi but a flag waving American. BTW, he had two children who went into the US military a a career. He died rather young before the age of 60 by a heart attack so I can't contact him to get more details.

Dan Kurt

Anonymous said...

Bert says: Der Fall Gleiwitz was an East German [communist] production. To what extent documentary evidence exists that Gleiwitz was real I do not know. Even documents can be fabricated and are.