Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Terracotta Warriors!

This is coolbert:

The man in the glass booth. And many more like him!!

Images with commentary from a trip to the Children's Museum, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

That exhibit on display the only place shown in the USA during 2014 "Terracotta Warriors".

From the archaeological dig at Xian, China. The full-life-size terracotta army of 8,000 soldiers as found adjacent to the tomb of the Qin [Chin] Emperor. That ruler the first man to unify China. Circa 220 B.C.E., around the time of the Punic Wars.

A display and exhibit definitely NOT JUST for children.

To the images:

Described as an archer kneeling. More correctly a crossbowman. 

Close-up of the head, the kneeling archer. These heads and faces NOT generic! Real life persons as serving the Emperor the models for the facial features!
Body armor. Limestone held together with copper pins.
Cavalryman with horse.
Woman posing with crossbow next to two replica figures. Gives you a sense of the scale.
An officer. All figures about six feet tall [about 180 centimeters], almost all uniformly so.
Described as an archer. Again more correctly a crossbowman.
Contrast the figure in the glass both [terracotta original] with the replica in the background, left-center! That terracotta figure determined to be a general officer.
This is how the figures looked when original entombed over two thousand years ago! That paint done as best can be determined by the archaeologists. Paint exposed to the air after the terracotta figure unearthed begins to peal within fifteen seconds!! This replica too full size.
Magnificent figure of a man. Knee length tunic worn over pants with the body armor. Some sort of plates sewn together with leather. As differentiated from the limestone armor.
Close up image of the face. Hair worn long and tied in a topknot. Soldiers of the Qin army as portrayed seem to be universally fond of the moustache with the small area of hair directly under the lip referred to as a Soul Patch. Look at the expression and the eyes!
That Qin Emperor a brutal military conqueror.

His tomb has yet to be opened and yet more wonders will astound us I am sure.

It is estimated it took 700,000 persons thirty years of concerted effort MERELY TO CONSTRUCT THE TOMB FOR THE QIN EMPEROR!

The Chinese have historically been famous for construction on a massive scale, resources and manpower not spared! Defensive walls, canals, cities, tombs, etc. Extravagance without peer, time and expense not a consideration.

That army of the Qin Emperor more than likely the personal bodyguard also able to defend the capital [Xian] from attack or internal revolt.

Functioning much as did the Praetorian Guard in ancient Rome? Perhaps so!


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