Friday, June 20, 2014

Technical II.

This is coolbert:


As taken from the web, some images of technicals.

Showing the heavy Soviet era machine gun [.57 caliber] mounted on a tripod. That tripod tightly secured to the flat bed of the pick up truck. This is the basic model.
This is a ZPU-4. Four barrel unit, heavy Soviet machine guns designed as an anti-aircraft weapon. Can be used in the ground support role I might assume. Flag of the Libyan rebels that overthrew the regime of the Colonel.  Click here to better read details of text.
Kurdish fighters mounting a 23 mm gun on a truck. In almost all cases the gunner of a technical must stand upright in the back of the truck without any protection. But the technical and associated weapon are an offensive weapon. That considerable firepower makes the adversary keep his head down!

Insurgents adept at scavenging and ripping weapons out of more sophisticated weapons systems and mounting on a pick up truck.

Technicals when massed that considerable firepower demoralizing to those on the receiving without doubt.

Just don't leave home without one!


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