Saturday, June 14, 2014


This is coolbert:

Whoa boy! From bad to worse and perhaps even way beyond that!

"Iraqi leader threatens deserters with execution amid militant blitz"

"Iraq's prime minister on Saturday threatened his nation’s troops with execution if they had abandoned their posts in the face of a blitz attack by Islamic militants who swept through northern provinces this week."

"Speaking to a group of army officers in a televised address from the central city of Samarra, Prime Minister Nouri Maliki promised accountability and punishment for any soldiers who had contributed Tuesday to the swift fall of Mosul, one of the nation’s largest cities, as well as other areas in the country."

If and when such executions actually take place, NOTHING LIKE IT HAS OCCURRED IN AT LEAST THE LAST ONE HUNDRED YEARS!!

Italy during the Great War, Cadorna, Caporetto and the route of the Italian army. Summary executions and decimation reputed to the norm so as to enforce discipline:

"During the course of the war Cadorna dismissed 217 officers and during the Battle of Caporetto he would order the summary execution of officers whose units retreated . . . Claims have been made that he also reintroduced the ancient Roman practice of decimation - the killing of every tenth man - for units which failed to perform in battle."

The moral is as to the physical as three is to one and in the case of Iraq that moral is sadly LACKING.!


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