Sunday, June 22, 2014


This is coolbert:

American troops returning to Iraq not subject to Iraqi law.

"No Danger Pay for Special Forces Headed To Iraq"

"Special Forces troops heading to Iraq to advise the Iraqi security forces will not receive combat pay but will have immunity from local law, Pentagon officials said Friday."

Persons here making it clear that those three hundred or so Special Forces [SF] men returning to Iraq will NOT be eligible for combat pay.

Perhaps even more important is that those SF soldiers also WILL NOT BE SUBJECT TO IRAQI LAW.

This was the point of contention that caused Obama to withdraw ALL American military forces from Iraq in 2011.

A satisfactory [from the American standpoint] SOFA agreement could not be reached with the Iraqi government.

SOFA, Status of Forces Agreement, defining how and when the prevailing local law will apply to American soldiers.

SOFA agreement exist where ever and when ever American soldiers are stationed in foreign nations. Agreements amicably and fairly arrived at, normally not controversial but in the case of the Iraq becoming so much so that American forces decamped and quite quickly.

In this emergency situation SOFA is not even hardly a consideration.


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