Tuesday, June 17, 2014


This is coolbert:

ISIL displaying considerable financial acumen and also a savvy for business as well.

Terrorism as a business?

"Iraq crisis: Isis cracks a savvy social media advance"

"Isis has harnessed a range of social media tools to spread graphic pictures of slaughter and territorial gains, facing few if any curbs from the world’s biggest technological companies."

"The terror group’s use of Twitter from an array of accounts has hit the headlines, but the group has also designed and put up for sale applications that allow it to post its propaganda direct to users."

That "propaganda" and images of atrocity indicative of a malevolent and evil mentality. You decide?


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Anonymous said...

This show that criminal organizations have been learning their lessons about social media. From the beheading videos years ago down to the currently common drug cartel use of Twitter accounts, blogs and Facebook to post their own beheadings, dismemberment and executions. That way the message spreads quickier and more efficiently, thus gaining shock and terror value in the minds of readers.

This is really evil and malevolent.