Friday, June 27, 2014

South China Sea.

This is coolbert:

Just because of the crisis in Iraq do not think the rest of the world comes to a halt. Here with updates on the situation in the South China Sea.

1. "Historical Fiction: China’s South China Sea Claims"

"The Spratly Islands—not so long ago known primarily as a rich fishing ground—have turned into an international flashpoint as Chinese leaders insist with increasing truculence that the islands, rocks, and reefs have been, in the words of Premier Wen Jiabao, 'China’s historical territory since ancient times.'”

2. "China Now Claims Japan’s Okinawa"

"The Global Times, the newspaper run by China’s Communist Party, ran an editorial this month suggesting that Beijing challenge Japan’s control of Okinawa, part of the Ryukyu island chain.
Why would China want to start a fight over Okinawa?"

3. "China Deploys 'Civilian' Fishing Fleet to Attack Neighbors"

"Today, in the ongoing South China Sea territorial disputes, much analysis is focused on Chinese efforts to expand its blue-water navy capabilities. While the accumulation of submarines, warships, and subsurface torpedoes are certainly important for China’s strategy (and one that it’s pursuing vigorously), one facet of Beijing’s plan that is just as vital, yet hasn’t been as widely discussed, is its use of civilian maritime assets in the South China Sea."

It is always suggested that possession [occupation] is nine-tenths of the law. Law as defined by who in this case?


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