Thursday, June 26, 2014


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"Iraq's 'Exorcist' Temple Falls Into ISIS Jihadist Hands"

"Ancient pre-Christian temple in northern Iraq featured in film The Exorcist at risk of destruction by Isis jihadists"

"An ancient temple made famous in the film The Exorcist has fallen into the hands of the Islamic militants who have taken over northern Iraq, the Telegraph has learnt."

This is a representation of the Babylonian god pazuzu. Christians would recognize him as the devil!

"The pre-Christian worship complex at Hatra, a vast network of 200-ft high sun-god temples that is a Unesco world heritage site, features in the opening sequence of the 1973 horror classic."

This is the land of the Yazidi worshipers? That main spirit [angel] of the Yazid having horns coming out of his head, his color is red, and who lives inside a cave. A spirit [angel] who refused a command by god to bow to man..

And the fate of these gods and spirits will be to have their statues and temple blown to bits by ISIL as was the case of the statues of Buddha in the Bamian valley [Afghan]?

More likely those artifacts of antiquity will be sold in the international black market by the business savvy ISIL to further finance jihad on a more massive scale!!


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