Saturday, June 14, 2014


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The Kurds and their ways.

"ISIS moves in on two more Iraqi towns" 13 June.

"Al-Qaeda-Iraq fighters moved in on two more Iraqi towns early Friday - Jlawla and Saadiyeh, both in eastern Iraqi Diyala region near the Iranian border. Iraqi troops melted away as the jihadis moved in. Kurdish militiamen secured their party HQ in Jalawla before the Islamists arrive and were not attacked. Thursday, the Kurdish autonomous region in the north took advantage of the Iraqi army's flight to take control of Kirkuk and its oil fields just outside their border."

Source DEBKAfile.

Kurdish forces autonomous responding to the forward progress of ISIL rebels by safeguarding important cities and the oil fields of Iraq. Better understood as part of the Kurdish autonomous region.

Nature abhors a vacuum and so does mankind. A void [the lack of resolve on the part of the Iraqi National Army] is being filled. And done so by the Kurd.


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