Sunday, June 22, 2014

Nigeria & Sri Lanka.

This is coolbert:

From Sri Lanka with love.

The insurgency of Boko Haram in Nigeria continues unabated, those kidnapped schoolgirls not returned home, indeed, the issue is now eclipsed by the Iraqi situation, the girls seemingly forgotten.

As seen at Strategy Page an update:

"Nigeria: The Sri Lanka Solution"

"June 20, 2014: In the north troops have been ordered to be more active in searching for Boko Haram gunmen and dealing with them. This means patrolling roads frequently and carefully to keep these routes free of Boko Haram roadblocks (that mainly prey on passing vehicles and provide supplies of vehicles, fuel and other goods) and ambushes." 

. . . .

"The Sri Lankan Solution"

"Military leaders [Nigerian] have been meeting with their counterparts from Sri Lanka (an island nation off the southern coast of India) to discuss how the Sri Lankan security forces defeated the LTTE rebels there. The destruction of the LTTE fighting force in 2009 did not end the war that killed over 90,000 people in three decades of strife but the defeat did end a long period of major combat."

Boko having now and perhaps for some time crossed the border into Cameroon, the conflict now a regional war and counter-insurgency, not confined merely to Nigeria. Borders immaterial to the insurgents, having been drawn on maps by the colonial powers in times past.

With regard to Sri Lanka, we cannot forget General Fonseka. BEST army commander in the world and regarded as personally responsible for the defeat of LTTE.

Fonseka increasing the size of the Sri Lanka military, mobilizing and marshaling his forces, that final offensive against LTTE unremitting and absolutely harsh, come at the adversary from all sides at once, not one moment of respite for the rebels.

Fonseka politically having sustained some hard times since the defeat of LTTE but nonetheless his opinions, knowledge and experience to be highly regarded.


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