Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Grey Wolves.

This is coolbert:

From an Internet conspiracy web site we have an allegation that the recent terrorist bombings in Thailand are the work of an organization having a connection to NATO and specifically so to Gladio.

Gladio that NATO organized stay-behind operation designed to be activated in case of Soviet attack on western Europe [including Turkey]. Gladio units to be the nucleus of an insurgency against Soviet rule. Practitioners [Gladio] of guerrilla warfare and armed resistance to occupation. Organized trained and equipped in advance, ready for the go-signal.

"Global Gladio: NATO Terror Network Reaches into Asia"

"NATO terror network implicated in Bangkok blasts, appears to have been running Uyghur terrorists through Asia, into Turkey and onward to fight NATO’s proxy war in Syria."

"An unprecedented blast in Bangkok, Thailand last month left 20 dead and over 100 injured."

"NATO created and funded the Grey Wolves terrorist network during the Cold War as part of its stay behind networks . . . Today, the Grey Wolves are represented by the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), the third largest in Turkey’s parliament. They are reported to operate globally, including terrorist training camps in Xinjiang, China."

Grey Wolves described as that Turkish element of Gladio. Militants also advocating a Pan-Turkic and Islamic homeland consisting of those people and lands of Central Asia from Europe to China.

To include the UIGHUR PEOPLE. [WEE-GHUR]. Uighur nominally Chinese nationals but very restive. From time to time engaging in their own brand of insurrection and terrorism.

Exactly why the Grey Wolves if indeed they are involved in the recent Thailand bombings are targeting a Hindu temple in Bangkok as popular with foreign tourists is not clear. Other than the suspects apprehended had dozens of Turkish passports in their possession nothing more seems to be forthcoming.

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