Saturday, February 28, 2015


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A Great Pharaoh [king] of Egypt whose identity was only recently determined AND also found to be a casualty of war:

"Pharaoh Brutally Killed in Battle, Analysis Shows"

"Pharaoh Senebkay, one of the earliest kings of a forgotten Abydos Dynasty, was brutally killed in battle more than 3,600 years ago, says a study that has reconstructed, blow by blow, the king’s last moments."

"The research identified 18 wounds on the pharaoh’s bones. It also established that Senebkay is the earliest Egyptian pharaoh to have died in battle."

. . . .

"According to the researchers, the angle and direction of Senebkay’s wounds indicate he was in an elevated position — possibly on horseback or on a chariot — when he was attacked and killed."

“'His assailants first cut his lower back, ankles and feet to bring him to the ground and then finished him with axe blows to the skull,'”

The mounted Pharaoh astride a horse as killed by multiple attackers, possibly men-a-foot [infantry] acting as part of a team, according to a plan, with training and equipped to receive cavalry.

That ancient history of Egypt covering a span of 3,000 years. That ancient Egyptian a most remarkable people. NOT necessarily seen as a martial race, warfare with an expansionist motivation generally NOT part of the Egyptian story. Egypt isolated geographically and more predisposed to solve conflict with diplomatic negotiations and amicable resolution. BUT on occasion resorting to force and WAR when also confronted with an intractable problem.


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