Monday, February 2, 2015


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ASuW = Anti-submarine warfare.

From Breitbart and the tip from Freeper more Tu-95 activity of an ominous nature:

"Russian Bomber Over Channel Was Carrying Nukes"

"Tensions between Russia and the UK have heightened after it was revealed that the Russian bomber intercepted by RAF fighter jets was carrying a nuclear missile designed to destroy Trident submarines."

Russian Tu-95 long-range bombers making a channel dash. Perhaps even circumnavigating the British Isles to include Ireland. The English protest as these aircraft operating in heavily flown commercial airspace WITH THEIR TRANSPONDERS OFF AND POSSIBLY CARRYING NUCLEAR WEAPONRY.

That nuclear weaponry described as some sort of anti-submarine missile. Obviously air-launched.

From the wiki that inventory of Soviet/Russian anti-submarine missiles to include:

In all cases Soviet/Russian designations used!

1. 3M-54 Klub.

"The Russian 3M-54 is a Russian surface ship and submarine-launched anti-ship missile"

2. RPK-2 Viyuga.

" . . .  is a Soviet submarine-launched, nuclear-armed anti-submarine missile system, launched exclusively through 533mm torpedo tubes."

"Analogous to the now retired Subroc missile carried by US Navy submarines, it is designed to be fired from a 533 mm (21 in) torpedo tube. It is boosted by a choice of mechanisms depending on model before clearing the water, firing a solid fuel rocket and delivering its payload up to 45 km (28 mi) away. The payload ranges from a simple depth charge to a 200 kt nuclear warhead."

3. RPK-6 Vodopad/RPK-7 Veter.

"RPK-6 Vodopad . . . is a Soviet 533 mm anti-ship missile deployed operationally since 1981."

"RPK-7 Veter . . .  is a 650 mm version, deployed operationally since 1984."

"Both missiles are torpedo-tube launched, with a solid-fuel rocket engine to power them above the surface. Both missiles are dual-role; they can be armed with either a 400 mm anti-submarine torpedo or a nuclear depth charge."

4. RPK-9 Medvedka.

". . . is a modern missile system used to engage submarines. The system consists of a launcher with eight missiles, each with the small torpedo as the warhead."

5. URPK-5 Metel.

"Anti-Ship Complex . . . is a Russian family of anti-submarine missiles. There are different anti-submarine variants ('Metel') . . . [and] the 85RUS/URPK-5 Nuclear tipped version of the missile."

Some of these missiles having a nuclear warhead BUT none of them mentioning as being air-launched.

Combat warplanes DURING A TIME OF PEACE flying in international airspace with the transponder off [especially in an area of heavy commercial air traffic] is normally forbidden by international treaty?

That transponder off is a signal of a war-footing or hostile intent or a deliberate and egregious provocation?


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