Monday, February 16, 2015


This is coolbert:

As was previously noted, OPEN SKIES the treaty is no longer in abeyance.

Even as we speak and the devoted reader to the blog reads this entry a mission is being conducted over American air space. Russian monitors are doing a surveillance of U.S. military installations.

From MARCONI through Harry that message sent and heard loud and clear:

"This is an Open Skies Message from the Defense Threat Reduction Agency.  This is Notification SESSION NUMBER 1 for Open Skies Mission Number OS15002.  The Russian Federation has filed an Intent to Conduct an Observation Flight."

"Takeoff will occur no sooner than 1859 Eastern Standard Time, 2359 Zulu Time, on February 17, 2015.  This Mission must be completed by 1530 Eastern Standard Time, 2030 Zulu Time, on February 20, 2015.  CALL SIGN: OSY-33F"

"This is an Open Skies observation mission with 30 foreign observers onboard the aircraft. Imagery will be taken. The point of entry will be Dulles International, Washington D.C. Estimated time of arrival is 16 February 2015 at 2030Z. The Open Skies airfield where the flight will commence is McConnell AFB, KS. Approximate flight distance is 4800km [3,000 miles]. The next Notification will be transmitted upon a Mission Negotiated Final Plan."

Thirty foreign observers I assume are Russians. Presumably from the GRU. Inquiring minds want to know! No hanky-panky here. Merely compliance with internationally agreed upon protocols that benefit everyone. We hope.


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