Friday, February 20, 2015


This is coolbert:

In response to the Charlie Hebdo and Copenhagen attacks the various European nations using conventional military troops for internal guard duty and security patrols, the statistics quite surprising.

1. France. Opération Sentinelle.

"The number of men had reached 10, 412 for Opération Sentinelle. The effort was to be 'short term', because, since the attacks, and for the first time, the government was employing as many soldiers on national territory as abroad, from the Sahel to Iraq."


"Almost all the 154 units deployed at 722 Jewish sites will be  replaced by mobile patrols: the army has just rented 300 vehicles: minivans with nine seats."

"General de Villiers, in charge of the operation, explained how difficult it is for soldiers on patrol to walk a total of 30 kilometers on foot every day, in their bullet-proof armor, in all kinds of weather. Living conditions for them are rudimentary; some had just returned from four months in the Sahel, only to be deployed in Paris. Others on leave were called back without warning."

Part of the soldierly duty is to be tired, wet, cold, hungry, sleepless, NOT BEING ABLE TO GO TO THE BATHROOM! As the mission entails and demands! AND DON'T TRY TO TELL ME THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU HAD IN MIND WHEN YOU ENLISTED!

2. Italy.

"Italian security chiefs have approved a plan to put 4,800 soldiers on the streets throughout the country to help guard against potential terrorist attacks."

"A statement by the interior ministry after a meeting on Tuesday of military and security officials said they would guard sensitive sites and targets until at least June."

"Italian media said about 500 would be deployed in Rome, where army troops already help guard diplomatic missions and residences, the capital’s synagogue and Jewish schools."

ISIL adherents in Libya having just made dire and bombastic threats directed against Italy, this concerns of the Italian military quite warranted!!

OH, this is going to get worse.


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