Friday, February 6, 2015


This is coolbert:

Mustard agent stockpiles being destroyed! And all for the better.

"U.S. to destroy largest remaining chemical weapons cache"

"Destruction of more than 2,600 tons of mustard agent will begin next month. Most of the 780,000 artillery and mortar shells will be processed and the deadly agent neutralized with microbes in a $4.5 billion project at the Pueblo Chemical Depot."

"PUEBLO, Colorado (AP) — The United States is about to begin destroying its largest remaining stockpile of chemical-laden artillery shells, marking a milestone in the global campaign to eradicate a debilitating weapon that still creeps into modern wars."

1. This is mustard agent alone apparently..

2. The cost to destroy these chemical weapons is immense and very time consuming.

3. Most of those artillery and mortar rounds were made over sixty years ago!

4. NO consideration was ever taken into account for destruction of the rounds when manufactured. The assumption was that the chemical weapons would be used in some war.

5. Those various storage depots sixty years ago were in wasteland and uninhabited sections of the country that in the many decades since have become part of urban sprawl. Extreme caution must be taken during the destruction process.

Personally I give the military and the various responsible U.S. government institutions responsible for the destruction process fairly high marks. The job at Pueblo and other locations has been done and done well as far as I understand. NONE of this was expected to be easy and none was.


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