Wednesday, February 25, 2015


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From that prior blog entry:

"General de Villiers, in charge of the operation, explained how difficult it is for soldiers on patrol to walk a total of 30 kilometers on foot every day, in their bullet-proof armor, in all kinds of weather."

A main attribute of a soldier being able to stand in one position for a prolonged period of time. Standing sentry duty or guarding an installation. Beyond walking a post QUITE OFTEN MERELY STANDING IN PLACE!! Sometimes for hours on end, even for half a day or more, and no going to the bathroom either. There might NOT EVEN BE A BATHROOM!

Troops during a battle [during that period of the Napoleonic era for instance] allocated as reserves NOT even in direct combat standing in formation even for an entire day without being committed.

Traditionally and historically the two biggest killers during wartime have been water and feet.

NOT having enough water to drink or consuming dirty and diseased water OR having bad feet, unable to keep up with a march. Falling out from formation being separated from your unit that lone troop subject to attack by local civilians, marauders, partisans.

Cold, hungry, wet, sleepless, tired, feet hurt! Being able to endure is all part of the soldierly ethic.


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