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High-velocity armor piercing fin stabilized discarding sabot! HVAPFSDS!

From StrategyPage those constituent nations of NATO hoping to be more self-sufficient with regard to arms and armament. The Pole using a mix of  "western" and "eastern" bloc  armor and now manufacturing rounds for same!

"Armor: Poland Produces Their Own APFSDS"
"January 11, 2015: Poland has ordered 13,000 120mm APFSDS (Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot, for smooth bore guns) tank gun shells from a local manufacturer for delivery by 2017. These are for Poland’s recently acquired forces of 237 second hand German Leopard 2 tanks. Poland bought some German APFSDS shells initially, but since the Cold War ended Poland has been producing APFSDS for the 125mm guns used by its T-72s, which the Leopards are replacing. Polish ammo plants will buy new manufacturing equipment to produce the 120mm APFSDS but will be able to build the shells at lower cost, and comparable quality to other nations and thus be able to grab some export business. Poland still has some locally upgraded T-72s (the PT-91) and continues to manufacturer 125mm APFSDS for these. "

That Ukrainian military the heaviest and most latest armor within their inventory the Soviet model T-64 tank. Also firing that 125 mm tank round.

The T-64 tank [that design and manufacture as of 1964] of which as described by the Soviet defector and tank expert Suvorov:

"Our first introduction to the T-64 tank had taken place before we graduated from out military school, when the first machine, all wrapped in tarpaulin, was brought in at night and hidden away in a hanger. It was a very fleeting acquaintance but, from the very first look, we all liked the 125 mm gun. It was the most powerful gun in the world and no tank  had ever had anything like it before. Because of its amazing initial velocity, its shells could tear away the turrets of tank-targets and hurl them a distance of ten meters (tank turrets weigh eight or even twelve tons)."

"But now, upon closer acquaintance, our delight with the T-64s had begun gradually to fade. The gun was certainly all-powerful but, in their endeavor to increase the initial velocity of the shell, the designer had made it not rifled , but smooth-bored, as in the T-62, and this immediately adversely affected its accuracy. In fact, it was an all-powerful gun, which always missed the target."

See this reconstruction YouTube video of the sabot round in practice. Most interesting!


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