Sunday, February 15, 2015


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1939 deja vu all  over again?

Those eastern European nations now constituent members of NATO keenly aware of Russian revanchist attitudes, alert and to a degree wary of American and NATO reassurance!

1. "Baltic States Compete With Russia in TV Battle for Hearts and Minds"

"RIGA/VILNIUS — Responding to what they see as a wave of Kremlin propaganda over Ukraine, the governments of the three Baltic states are keeping a wary eye on pro-Moscow television channels and stepping up their own broadcasts in Russian."

"Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, all part of the Soviet Union until 1991, are nervous of a newly assertive Russia and fret that their large Russian-speaking minorities could be susceptible to Moscow's message."

2. "Romania Keen to Help Moldova Drive for Closer Ties with EU to Dampen Russian Influence"

"A stone's throw from the mounted T-34 Soviet tank in the center of this Moldovan city is an emergency ambulance service set up by Romania, one of several soft power moves to steer its eastern neighbor away from Moscow's orbit."

"Wary of Russian intentions after Ukraine lost control of Crimea and much of its east to Russian-backed forces last year, Romania is trying to bring Moldova towards the European Union."

These eastern European nations perceive, rightly or wrongly, that the Crimea and Ukraine ARE NOT THE END! Russian meddling is not going to stop. AND NATO IS HARDLY A GUARANTEE IF BAD BECOMES WORSE!

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