Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sixty Percent.

This is coolbert:

The Sixty Percent solution! OPSEC Ukraine.

From Breitbart the comments of a British national, a military veteran, [a man with Ukrainian ancestry and heritage] most disturbing. Those Ukrainian forces suffering excessive and very embarrassing casualties due to friendly fire [blue on blue incidents] mostly [?] from injudicious or errant use of radio communications.

"60 Percent of Ukrainian Casualties Due to Friendly Fire and Incompetence"

"More than half of the Ukrainian casualties in the battle against Russian-backed separatists are killed by friendly fire and lack of training, a British army veteran who volunteered with the Ukrainian forces has revealed."

"There are nearly 30 voluntary battalions and a number of regular units, but every group is fighting their own war. They don’t have central command, they don’t co-ordinate and they don’t even share radio frequencies between themselves, which makes it impossible to communicate.”

. . . .

"soldiers would resort to using mobile phones for convenience [even when provided with Motorola digital radios which enable scrambled communication], even though phones can be easily tracked and bugged by using basic surveillance systems supplied to the separatists by the Russians."

"they also keep tweeting and posting their pictures on Facebook,”



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