Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Unit 731.

This is coolbert:

If indeed these allegations are true, NOTHING LIKE THIS HAS OCCURRED IN THE LAST SEVENTY YEARS!!

"ISIS Might Be Harvesting Organs To Finance Operations, Iraqi Envoy Tells UN"

"In a bid to finance its operations, the Islamic State group might be harvesting human organs, Iraq’s ambassador to the U.N. told the intergovernmental organization on Tuesday, and asked the Security Council to investigate the allegations."

"In the past few weeks, authorities have discovered bodies with surgical incisions and missing kidneys or other organs in several shallow mass graves, leading many to believe that the extremist group might be harvesting these organs to fund its caliphate"

Instantaneously this all reminiscent of the Japanese Unit 731 and their germ warfare research as carried out during World War Two [WW2]. Dissections of the poor unfortunates experimented on an important part of the research. 

Other-worldly figures dressed in gowns, capes, hoods, goggles, carrying a corpse of a person done in by germ warfare experimentation. Such is the danger to those handling the bodies of the dead, infection of "friendlies" a real possibility.

A vivisection of a corpse subjected to germ warfare. Examine the innards to see the progress of the infection and how the internal organs are damaged. Important to record it all for posterity.

The Japanese army particularly interested in germ warfare. That banning of biological agents by international treaty in those years prior to WW2 indicating to the Japanese that there was something particularly diabolical about this form of warfare that could be used to advantage.

"There's a possibility this could happen again," . . . "Because in a war, you have to win."

As was Unit 731 as is ISIL? NOT exactly the same, but they are on a somewhat same course.


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