Saturday, January 31, 2015


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From the BBC this very good article concerning the Russian strategy and tactic of maskirovka. DECEPTION! Both on the grand and not so grand scale.

"How Russia outfoxes its enemies"

"Of course, every country uses strategies of deception. . . . The Americans call such tactics CC and D - concealment, camouflage and deception."

"So what sets Russia apart? Maj Gen Skip Davis argues Western forces are sometimes economical with the truth but says they don't tell outright lies: 'We are talking about denial of information - in other words, not confirming facts - versus blatantly denying.' Saying, 'No that's not us invading, that's not our forces there, that's someone else's.'"

The elements of maskirovka:

* "Surprise"
* "Kamufliazh - camouflage"
* "Demonstrativnye manevry - manoeuvres intended to deceive"
* "Skrytie - concealment"
* "Imitatsia - the use of decoys and military dummies"
* "Dezinformatsia - disinformation, a knowing attempt to deceive"

Many adages apply here in the historical perspective:

"All war is based on deception."

"When strong appear weak! When weak appear strong!"

"Make a big noise in the east and attack in the west!"

Among those five categories of spies as recognized by Sun Tzu the "doomed" spy sent forth with a false brief the intention of which is to fool and deceive the adversary. THAT "DOOMED" SPY NOT EVEN REALIZING HE IS PART AND PARCEL OF AN ELABORATE DECEPTION PLAN!

"when these spies ["doomed"] are captured in the enemy's lines, they will make an entirely false report, and the enemy will take measures accordingly, only to find that we do something quite different. "

"Know the truth and the truth shall set you free!" Knowing that truth harder than what it seems within the context of maskirovka.


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