Wednesday, January 28, 2015


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From "CRISIS WATCH" as seen at the March 2014 edition of  "Armchair General".

"The Proxy Myth" by Ralph Peters  

"Foreign fighters won't do America's work"

"As our national will weakened over the last half-century, a number of myths have arisen to cripple our application of force and comfort those who lacking courage. From the fantasy that a handful of precision strikes will bring down a mighty opponent, in the insistence that monstrous enemies must be accorded the same legal right as American citizens, a parade of follies has all but guaranteed that our halfhearted military efforts will end badly."

"the latest craze is the lunatic belief that we can rally foreign warriors to do our dirty work. Repeatedly, we confuse some group's appetite for local power with a willingness to fight regionally for our interests."

. . . .

"civilian theorists and feckless politicians ignored the most important factor in any conflict: strength of will. Again and again, we've found that our enemies maintain their strength of will, while our celebrated allies just want us to give them stuff."

. . . .

"In strategy, as in our personal lives, Dad was right, do it yourself. If we wont' fight for a goal we've announced, why should foreigners do it on our behalf?"

With regard to: "give them stuff" see my previous blog entries:

 And not only give them stuff but the most inappropriate stuff too.

Strength of will and resolve that too cannot be given nor should it be!


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