Thursday, January 22, 2015


This is coolbert:

From an article as seen at the Strategy Page Internet web site entitled:  "Intelligence: CVN 78 Eludes Egyptian Spy" we have this extract of interest:

"the Ford [USS]will be the first modern American warship built without urinals. There are several reasons for this. The Ford [USS] will have a smaller crew (by at least 20 percent) and more of them will be women. Currently about ten percent of American warship crews are women, but the Ford crew will be at least 15 percent female. Since women sleep in all-female dormitories ('berthing areas'), a toilet ('head') will now be attached to each berthing area (instead of being down the hall for all in the area). Moreover, berthing areas will be more spacious (because of the smaller crew) and hold a third to half as many bunks as previous carriers. Finally, drain pipes for urinals more frequently get clogged than those coming from toilets. So eliminating the urinals means less work for the plumbers. Many of the junior sailors, who have to clean the heads, won't miss the urinals, which are more of a chore to keep clean than the toilets"

Equality. NOW men and women both will have to go to the toilet without the men having an available option the women do not.

Heaven forbid too that a low ranking enlisted man might not have to participate in the process of maintaining a healthful and orderly latrine [a head in the navy]!

This will not be a consideration on the Virginia class submarines, two of them, to be fully "manned" by an all-woman crew. NO urinals on a submarine to begin with. That process of using the toilet son a submarine still retains that laborious process as has been in the past. A dozen steps required to use the toilet correctly or the "mess' will come flying back up at you!!


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