Tuesday, January 6, 2015


This is coolbert:

All this is quite inexplicable and also surprising. The man a graduate of the Military Academy at West Point and now unfortunately going to have to served a term in prison as a deserter. Presumably will receive a dishonorable discharge and maybe be required to pay restitution for his college education. Unheard of!

 "Soldier who deserted, served in French Foreign Legion is sentenced to 4 years in prison"

Understand not only deserted but did so just prior to overseas deployment to a combat zone. Might actually be construed as  desertion in the face of the enemy. During wartime a violation of UCMJ for which the punishment can be DEATH!

"FORT DRUM, N.Y. (Tribune News Service) — An American soldier who deserted his unit on post and joined the French Foreign Legion [FFL] was sentenced to four years in prison Monday"

"The soldier, 2nd Lt. Lawrence J. Franks Jr., also will be dismissed from the Army on charges of conduct unbecoming an officer and desertion with the intention to shirk duty, specifically deployment."
. . . .

"The 2008 West Point graduate left for France without telling his family in March 2009 and joined the French Foreign Legion on a five-year contract using an assumed name."

Served his five year contract and was quite willing to do so with the FFL, but NOT with the U.S. Army!

. . . .

"'He is a man I will never forget and by whom I will always stand,'  'He is more than a born soldier, he is a born gentleman. I would like to have 10 men like that in my team and I would be the happiest of generals.'" - - French Gen. Laurent Kolodziej.



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