Saturday, January 3, 2015


This is coolbert:

As gleaned from Popular Mechanics technological advancements those with a definite military application. TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENTS IN SOME INSTANCES BEYOND THE R and D STAGE OF DEVELOPMENT!

"110 Predictions For the Next 110 Years"

* "Climate-controlled jackets will protect soldiers from extreme heat and cold. The secret to all-weather clothing . . . is Peltier plates, which can be used to warm you up or cool you down by sending an electric current across the junction between two different metals. U.S. soldiers have put the lightweight tech to the test. So have soldiers in India."

* "Navy SEALs will be able to hold their breath for 4 hours. Advances in nanotechnology will help us overcome not only illness but also the limits of being human. For example, robotic red blood cells called respirocytes could each hold 200 times the oxygen of their natural counterparts, enabling a man on a mission to, say, hide out underwater for half a day without a scuba tank."

* "The Pentagon will say goodbye to large submarines. With the steady improvement in sonar technology, our subs are already hard-pressed to evade detection. In the future, underwater robots with laser radar or other nonacoustic sensors will make the seas virtually transparent."

* "Soldiers will use exoskeletons to enhance battlefield performance."

* "Battles will be waged without direct human participation (think robots or unmanned aerial vehicles)."

* "Hypersonic missiles launched from our own shores will reach any target in the world within 1 hour."


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