Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mirage 2000.

This is coolbert:

Here with more of what is NOT needed.

That Iraqi air force as it exists given high performance warplanes.

"Op-Ed: The significance of Iraq's acquiring of Mirage jets"

"The United Arab Emirates [UAE] has a significant vested interest in the security of the Iraqi state against the notorious Islamic State (IS, ISIS) terror group which has wrecked havoc across the north of that country. Accordingly it has offered the Iraqi government some of its air force's (under ten apparently) French-made Dassault Mirage 2000 jets."

"The United States has agreed to sell them F-16 Fighting Falcons, but earlier models which have yet to be delivered due to the fact that Iraqi pilots presently being trained in the United States will require a few more years training."

As stated that Iraqi having already been sold F-16 Fighting Falcon, those aviators to man the air planes currently in training.

YEARS required to become able and competent as a pilot in any form of high-performance war plane.

Keeping those aircraft in flight status and minimizing down-time for maintenance also a burden not easily remedied.

This action of the UAE obviously in response to the threat as posed to Iraq by ISIL. But as stated before, the inability of the Iraqi armed forces to successfully combat ISIL NOT due to a lack of equipment, modern or otherwise. MORE GEAR of more sophisticated nature is not the answer to the plight of the Iraqi military.

And as suggested by an acknowledged aviation authority what the Iraqi needs is the Pucara! Argentinean close-air-support counter-insurgency type warplane equipped with lots and lots of flares to ward off attack by MANPAD! NOT Mirage 2000. OH YES!


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