Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Diana Preston II.

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Dr. Brydon

Continuing with the blog entries based on excerpts and commentary from the "Dark Defile":

Our Dr. Brydon having survived [the only survivor] that catastrophic march [1842] of the British from Kabul to Jalalabad subsequently some years later also having been present at the Siege of Lucknow during the Sepoy Mutiny and also emerging intact [but wounded].

The man certainly leading a most tempestuous but charmed life!!

ONLY two places in the British Empire was the Union Jack allowed to fly twenty-four hours a day!

One such location was above Parliament building in London, the other from the Residency in Lucknow.

Measures taken by the British regarding the Residency in Lucknow and the flagpole at the time of Indian Independence [1947] the subject of a previous blog entry.


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