Saturday, January 24, 2015

Crop Circles.

This is coolbert:

Crop circles that military dimension.

Haven't heard about any of this in a while.  

"Was it the work of a field marshal? MI5 spent years trying to decipher CROP CIRCLES amid fears they were being used to guide Nazi bombers"

* "Files in National Archives show British spies' fears over Nazi sympathisers"
* "They suspected 'Fifth Column' was sending messages to Luftwaffe"
* "Among suspicious 'cornfield codes' was a 'G' shape in Monmouthshire
* "Tail of the G pointed to a munitions factory nearby"
* "But it transpired it was caused by farmer trying to get rid of barley stock"

Hysteria from the era of the Second World War [WW2] in hindsight determined to be unfounded.

Crop circles I had thought were a relatively recent phenomenon. However that lineage much older than what I had believed to be so.

Crop circles from a number of years ago now having been found within the confines of a rather important British governmental installation [I think it was the Jodrell Bank radio astronomy telescope], that English response most interesting.

As it was reported, troops from what I believe to be the SAS Regiment having surreptitiously set up and manned a strategic reconnaissance "hide spot" the intention of which was to observe if possible WHO was creating the crop circles and HOW was it being done!!

NOTHING further ever heard on the subject. Well, they don't want you to know what is going on, do they?


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