Monday, August 25, 2014


This is coolbert:

Here with one more iconic image from that era of the Second World War.


Persons such as myself also having seen the picture before and not understood the true context.

Thought to have been and reported as a Frenchman witnessing the triumphant victory march of the German in Paris, 1940! But this is not so?

Note the woman in black to the right of the Frenchman is applauding. This is NOT a group of French citizens witnessing the march of the German through Paris?
As found on the Internet, various alternative explanations exist. Those persons in the image actually witnessing:

* French troops in Toulon boarding ships en route to Algeria, 1940.
* French battle flags being carried onto ships in Toulon en route to Algeria, 1940.
* French troops with battle flags boarding ships in Toulon en route to Algeria, 1940.

Take your pick!!


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